Evgeniy Urnyshev

Evgeniy Urnyshev

Fascinated by IT-technologies perfectionist. A twice graduate of the Higher School of Economics. Java developer.

Let me introduce myself


2003 – 2014 : School №94, Krasnoyarsk.

2014 – 2018 : Higher School of Economics, Faculty of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Bachelor.

from 2018 : Higher School of Economics, Faculty of Business Informatics, Big Data Systems, Master.


2015 : LLC "АСИТЭКС". Creation of the IT management methodology, in particular on the choice of the IT model, the role of IT and decision-making on sourcing.

2016 : HSE. Conducting a seminar on the basics of the C ++ language at the Summer School for Teachers. Conducting seminars for students on the discipline "Algorithms and Data Structures" and the C ++ language.

2016 - 2017 : Institute of System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Laboratory assistant. Research methods of automatic morphological analysis of texts in Russian. Verification of programs.

2018 : Sberbank-Technologies. Java developer. Development of decision making system.

2018 - 2019 : Yandex Tracker. Developer intern.

from 2019 : Yandex Delivery. Java developer.

What have I done during last time?

Some works performed individually or in a team.



Team project. A platform for creating and conducting city quests. Web-interface and Android application with a common server part implemented. Was presented at 2GIS "City Hakaton". Unsuccessful startup.

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